Relative Midi Controls - Stoermelder CV Map, Step, Strip

I’m trying to find a practical way to have a module’s same params controlled from two separate places. One is a midi controller (relative controls, with Stoermelder Step) and the other a regular controller module (could be another midi controller instead). This way one can take advantage of the randomization feature in Strip, for instance, then tweak the results via midi. This is what I have so far, but it doesn’t seem practical, it’s only for four params/controls. Is there a better way of doing this?

[Count Modula Slope Detector triggers the ML switch when the controller is moving, passing the value through to the target param. The same for either source. The detector is not polyphonic]

Yes, I created my X4 module exactly for this purpose:

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Thanks for the reply. I tried it initially, and now at it again, but I seem to be doing something very wrong. Once mapped, the X4 knobs and the target param are moving very fast between the values sent from the two controls. [edit, clarity: they keep oscillating between the two]. Visible on scope too. Changing to audio processing rate didn’t help. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the setup?

P.S. Thanks for all your great work.

Please provide a patch file and I’ll take a look.
You can try disabling the „Read“ option in the knobs‘ context menu which prevents pushing back the mapped parameter‘s value on X4‘s knobs.

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re-upped for reference x4_ST.vcv (7.0 KB)

Disabling the Read option does stop it, but it effectively reverts to one exclusive source. Unless I have it all wrong, which is very possible.

The patch is not available (anymore).
Thinking about what you are trying to do you should definitively set “Parameter changes” to “Unlocked” on CV-MAP. But I’m not so sure that will work how you expect it: Sending MIDI-STEP to PILE and to CV-MAP converts relative controls to absolute controls.

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That did it, thank you.

I know I’ll still get jumps, but just one param at a time is OK, same as in my original patch. But now I get to work with Transit and Strip and other goodies. Thanks!