Reference images for Rack Component Library components

OK, I’m starting to make some progress on my first VCVRack module (thanks all for your help).

I can see in the autogenerated API docs that there’s a huge variety of widgets, knobs, etc in the rack component library. But I can’t find any image/set of images that I could browse through to find the components best suited to my practical needs and aesthetic tastes (whether I want to simply use the components as is, or further extend/adapt them to my needs/tastes).

Does such a resource exist, or do I just need hunt and peck?

No, but you can use the Open File dialog in Inkscape to preview all SVG files in <Rack user folder>/res/ComponentLibrary.

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You could also just copy paste into an Inkscape mockup any opened .svg files between opened documents. On Windows you can preview the files so long as Inkscape is set as the default program for opening a .svg file. View > *icons

If you’re running linux (don’t think you stated your OS), depending on what file manager you’re using you can preview .svg files there too.

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It’s the second time I see a dev expresses interest in such a reference, maybe we should build one? Would be rather easy to create.

If you’re developing on windows, you might find the SVG Viewer Extension for Windows Explorer and/or QuickLook useful to preview a lot of SVG quickly.

Windows Explorer preview works fine for me anyway. That QuickLook looks interesting, the window pin is something I was looking for a while ago. Settled on an autohotkey script (ctrl + space)

yeah, I make do with Win explorer, too. works fine.

Also - many / most modules use custom or highly modified widgets. The sooner you start making your own, the happier you might be :wink: