Recreating Pink Floyd's On the Run in VCV Rack

So it all started with checking out the new Synthi from Arturia. When you open it, the first patch that loads up is the On the Run preset, which was originally created on the VCS3. Anyway, I thought to myself that it will be cool to try and recreate some of the sounds in VCV Rack, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. Of course, I start with the main sequence, but I also add this airplane sound, the noise, the voices, and the hihat, all in VCV Rack.

Suberb! You now have one more well-deserved Patreon subscription. :slight_smile:


Oh, wow, Richie, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Nice video Omri ! It’s fun to see you play with Plaits speech mode :wink: . I’m really glad they include it in the Arturia Microfreak :blush: . Can’t wait to get mine and maybe pair it with Vcv rack !

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Hey great! I would love to hear some sounds when you get it. Thanks!

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Will be my pleasure ! It should arrive in Paris stores at the end of May. I’m sure that it’s a very good synth for us Rackers. The mod matrix,sequencer, and the many synthesis engines offer many possibilities. Modular people will love it i bet :blush:

PS: first thing i’ll try will be pluging it into Plateau haha

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Well done Omri. I made an attempt at this a while back. You made it much further along than I did. Great job.

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Thank you!

If you don’t like it and are ok to lend it to a brother from paris hit me up!

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