Recreating a Nord Modular Sound

Hello community, I’m a beginner when it comes to VCV Rack. I had a Nord Modular a long time ago, which I unfortunately sold at some point. I’ve been trying to recreate a (for me, beautiful) sound with VCV, but without success. I would like to do more with VCV, but I’m struggling with it. Now the question is, perhaps there are people here who would be interested in recreating this sound and, ideally, creating a tutorial for it. Recreating the sound would be the first step, which would motivate me to delve deeper and understand everything better. I can imagine that other beginners would also benefit from this. It would make sense to build the sound with freely available modules. I have a link to the sound snippet, the patch from the Nord Modular G2, and an image of the setup. Anyone interested can listen to the sound using the Nord Virtual Editor/Demo.

Link to Sound and Patch eclipso (does not work with every browser)

nord modular Windows Demo

OSX Demo


best regards Joe

Yeah, it’s a nice sound. There’s more than one voice + effects, filters and modulations going on there, so won’t be a 30 min. job but I think it would be possible to get pretty close in VCV Rack.

A real pity…Would like to hear this patch. Using Firefox and this is not working.

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Yeah, I had to turn off any kind of blocking in Chrome to open this. I’ve shared the waw here to make it easier:


Thanks Lars

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Many thanks Lars for your assistance. Have a nice evening.

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I didn’t run the original patch but did listen to Lars’ .wav from it

here’s a rack network using surge modules which sounds similar. Not exact but similar. Just hit the manual gate and it will play through.

filter sweep with plucks, and a timed delay in the mix, basically, was the trick i used.

Bouncing Swell.vcv (6.1 KB)

hope that helps!


Oh wow, that’s not bad Paul!

I normalized the gain a bit and compacted it a bit as well, pluse raised the LFO tempo closer to the original. I think with a bit of work on the LFO/envelope shape it’s in the wheelhouse: Bouncing Swell 2.vcv (3.9 KB)


This might not be what you want to hear but you can create the nord modular + lead v2 ( early autechre ) sounds / modular environment pretty easily in maxmsp. I am sure you could get close in sound in VCV but if you are interested in the overall patching environment / look I think it would be less convoluted in max. Would love to see it done here too though so i don’t want to stop anyone from trying : )

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yeah that’s definitely closer! cool!

First of all, many thanks to everyone for their support, especially to Paul and Lars for the patches. I will try to load the patches.

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