Recreate Mick Gordon "Doom" effect using VCV Rack

Hello all,

I would like to recreate the sound that produces Mick Gordon in the Doom video game entirely with vcvrack, In a lecture he explains his method, it is a sine wave and white noise in 4 chains of effects parralel.

Because i’m newbie in VCV rack, need assist from master here to recreate the sounds using VCV rack.

List of pedals and method :slight_smile:

Here is the video :

~Thanks in advance

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Hello there, I have been using VCV Rack for about a year but I am no ‘Master’’ I have put a simple patch together with 3 Saw modules, phaser and compressor and got somewhere near, well possibly another planet away, but I will put Audio on Sound cloud and the patch on Patchstorage [Are those new to you?]. I will post the links on here. That is assuming you are aiming for the bass sound!? Hope that will give you a starting point. Stay safe and well.

Doom Saws =+ PHASED N Compressed by Adrian Bottomley (

Doom Saws | Patchstorage

Hello there,

Thanks so much for the example patch, it’s a good start to explore more possibilities from your patch. stay safe and well.



That was a really interesting talk by Mick Gordon! :slight_smile:

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Always good to work from a simple example patch and work your way to the final one. You ok sharing the final patch you come up with? All the best to you and yours!

Very inspiring video indeed. So I created my pile of effects. Four sine waves, slightly detuned, each going through a chain of effects. Chains 1 and 3 are controlled by a keyboard, play a note to hear them in the mix. Turn knobs for variations. All free modules.