Recordings my cats don't like

I usually like to experiment with noises and signals that don’t necessarily resemble music. My cats fail to find this amusing, but I persist. Recently, I tried to make something a little more pleasant using mainly Vult modules:


Here’s the patch: Vultishmess.vcv (29.0 KB)

Thanks, this solves the mystery for me about what was happening in the kick!

This one didn’t bother any cats’ naps. I guess it wasn’t loud enough. I need a better solution for automating fades and mutes. I’m currently changing the mute triggers to be sent from a slow Euclidean sequencer. We’ll see how that works. Next step is to EQ the bass.


I like Hetricks Random Triggers clocked very slow for muting and unmuting. It always triggers one channel randomly. You know that you can change the behaviour of a channel of MixMaster to Fade? Mute will then trigger the Fade-In/Out.

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This one has Meander + Grids x2 feeding Palette + Opulus x6.

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