Recordings folder being cleared

I couldn’t find a discussion on issue, just wanted to ask here before contacting support. maybe I’m messing something up. So the default recordings folder in VCV Rack 2 has for the second time now in the last month or two cleared out that folder, all my recordings gone, can’t find another folder with them and I hadn’t had this issue before at all. I’m not sure if it’s an update thing where an update might reinstall folders “over” existing folders deleting the previous. I have now created my own folder elsewhere, as to prevent this from happening again. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue or not, if there was a resolve for it, or if you were already more prepared than I with your own folder for recordings (idk why I didn’t do this prior to now as I have done so with many other things…oh well). Also I just use VCV Rec for recording. If this has been addressed already and I just missed it in my browsing through all topics, feel free to scold.

I m almost sure , there is no known mechanism that allows the rack to delete files by itself, perhaps are you written your recordings in a temp folder?

not till just earlier today did I create temp folder, but I had named some and when searched Windows was not able to locate them, also I do not think it was VCV as this hasn’t happened before until within the last 2 months, just thought I’d ask. I think Windows had something to do with it…it’s always Windows.

Anyways, I’ll just forget by tomorrow and carry on my merry way, as long as it doesn’t happen again. Let’s all just be reminded to save your stuff in personal folders and not always the default ones, and back them up if they’re important too.

Is your documents folder on OneDrive or Dropbox or the like?

I’ve lost files before on Windows - completely different software, just files disappearing for no reason. Keep two copies and a third offline if they’re important.

nope, too many “clouds”, i’d never be able to keep track…samsung, at&t, onedrive, dropbox, amazon, google, and more…

very good bit of advice, thank you