recording vcv rack 2 in cakewalk

Hello im using vcv rack 2 in cakewalk and i cant seem to get it to record anything from the plugin. I put the plugin into a track make sure it making sound but when i hit record nothing is recorded. I’m sure i might just be missing something simple but help would be most appreciated cause i have no idea.

It depends on how you are using VCV rack. Are you using

  • the FX version of the plug-in in an audio track FX rack
  • the synth version with an instrument track or
  • the synth version with an audio+MIDI track pair?

If using as a synth, are you using MIDI to drive the synth?

i actually figured it out i used a synth version and the audio+midi pair any suggestions or tips would still be welcome

This is a great site, however; the best tip I can offer is, if you have Cakewalk specific questions the best place for answers is the forum created by BandLab for Cakewalk. There is also an official Facebook site (but I do not have a Facebook account. so have no access to the site).

hey thanks for letting me know

And there are some (quite good) videos covering a lot of Cakewalk topics:


Hope that helps!

awesome thank you so much