recording session with video is not working as audio is blocked

Hi, getting lots of fun with CVC and are now entering the share mode to my friends showing my work. On my MAC mini, M1 with latest OS, I cannot achieve this. I’m using the VCV recorder on MPEG 2 video 44.1kHz bitrate 128 kbps (also 256kbps tested). It seems that the computer keeps enough headroom during the recordings. when playing the result it seems to be OK for some seconds then the sound is blocked! when I use the cursor pointing a bit further in the recording it plays again for some wee moments.

using the AVI is not possible as the MAC miniM1 does not support it as a normal formal. I recall that there are many AVI players around but wondering why I’m stuck with a fully compliant machine that seems to be capable in delivering outputs of my bought CVC rack (my support)

The VCV recorder is not optimal for recording video in my opinion. I use Quicktime (selected) screenrecording for video and feed the audio from VCV through a virtual channel (eg loopback) into Quicktime. Really easy to set up.


I’ll give this a try! Bedankt!

Just some pointers on that loopback idea to get me started? Thanks

blackhole is free and works like a charm.

after installing create a multi-output device in the MiDI-Audio app, then use the Multi-out device you created as audio device in Rack and the 2 channel blackhole as input in Quicktime. That should do the trick (does here)


Loop back is a (very useful) commercial product which is similar to black hole and which is the successor to soundflower

It and audio hijack from the same company are super handy to my dev flow.

But as fractalgee said black hole is also an option which loads of people find work

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Previous conversations note that many people use ffmpeg to convert the capture file to whatever video codec/format they want to use.


I also recommend Loopback, it is excellent and worth the price IMO.

I’m not on Mac at the moment, but in both Mac and Windows for recording Rack I just use OBS, even without Loopback it does everything I would want and more, and its free.

On Mac you can install it via Homebrew. Once you record a video, you can then remux it directly in the app.