Recording MIDI outputs

Good day patchers,

for the past couple weeks I have been diving deep into the vast possibilities of sequencing my modular hardware using VCV’s ‘CV-MIDI’ modules. The results have been incredible, and this workflow is very enjoyable for me, but I cannot find a way to record this MIDI ‘in the box’ or send that MIDI to an external DAW. Has anyone managed to do this. Please tell me whatever is possible, I really want to break out all these potential tracks

If you have an external audio interface that has both a midi input and output on it then you can just connect these together , then use the cc to midi module and select the interface for output whilst in the DAW select that interface as an input for whichever track you are recording . You will get some latency which is easily compensated by shifting the midi clip after recording , as for the midi jitter that’s another story but you can always edit the note data afterwards

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I use loopmidi to get signals from VCV into Ableton.

Works like a charm.

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Thank you! I did not mention I was using a PC, but that is definitely a factor, this seems to be exactly what I was after.

Ah, unfortunately, I just have USB MIDI or MIDI Din Inputs on me (in isolation.)