Recording midi mapped knobs (arrangements)

A quick question related to recording: Is it possible to record a midi mapped knob? I tried using MIDI-MAP/MIDI-CAT to map my hardware controller. Then I tried to use Remove to record the movement by mapping the knobs against it. But this overrides the previous mapping. It would be great to have a way to record every controller movement from start to finished (on the whole arrangement), and then be able to playback it afterwards.

You can use MIDI-CC and record from the IN-port of ReMOVE instead of the knob movement.


Thanks for the tip. I´ll need to retry this again. I wasn´t able to get input reading but then I don´t understand the MIDI-CC module properly.

update: works now with MIDI-CC when I figured out the mapping :slight_smile:

Btw it would be cool to have a recording module that I could place right side to other modules that recorded everything :wink: