Recording Macbook VCV screen for Instagram?

Hey y’all,

I’d like to start sharing some small VCV videos on Instagram but know nothing about recording or editing video. Does anyone have any idea about how to record my Macbook screen and audio and then be able to crop the finished video to Instagram square format?

Thang Q!

For recording you can use OBS . For just cropping you can use any freeware you like.

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search this forum. even better, search the FB user’s group. There is tons, and tons, of info about this.

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I do this with the VCV recorder. It can record audio and video, and there’s no need to sync anything afterwards. For editing, you can use Hitfilm Express. It’s free and easy to use.


@Thrstn @Squinky Thanks, Chaps!

@Omri_Cohen Will try this out tonight.

Much appreciated.

I record the videos with Quicktime (you can crop the video frame before recording) and audio with Rec from VCV; then for the editing part I use DaVinci Resolve (free). cheers

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Thanks again, everyone. Sadly couldn’t find any editing software that will run on my ancient 2010 Macbook but did manage to capture some nice video with VCV Recorder which will be fine until I can get a newer machine.