Recording knobs movements in VCV

To be able to record knobs/fader/etc action in VCV…a bit like automation but without the editing part of it

I was wondering if this could be an interesting feature in VCV, I did a search on GitHub but haven’t seen it requested (just a quick search however)

Have you tried Keyframer/Mixer from Audible aka Frames?

Look at the Simple Looper by Sonus Modular maybe?

You might want to breakdown this question in 2 parts and then think about it for a moment,
record & knob movements.

Knob movement is no problem, that’s what modulating CV is for and from rack v1.0 also the knobs will be controllable through midi assignment.

Recording knob motion/movement etc. , this is typical to linear style sequencing, and requires the motion/movement to be recorded either to a time line, or into a looping phrase/track.

Time line sequencing will require you to record/create any of the knob movements into a DAW, and transmit from there to VCV (CV or virtual midi).

Phrase sequencing however can be done inside VCV, which will require you to record the knob movement for example into one of the Impromptu Phrase sequencers.
By means of an external controller which will allow for the actual knob moving part.
You can then record as may variants of the knob movement as CV into the phrase sequencer, and use those sequences to your liking, for controlling the desired knob.

Hope this makes sense to you?

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It does, thank you, even if I don’t like the slightly patronising tone :wink:

All the suggestions made are great, but not really what I meant and way too complex . Also going through an external DAW is not really doable in VCV now, meaning it doesn’t work well enough at the moment.

However I remember clearly that it was in VCV statement of intents to eventually be a self sufficient production evenironment.

Yes you’ll have to add a linear time factor, but I don’t know if that’s an issue.

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Use a CV recorder. The upcoming VCV timeline module will be DC-coupled, so you can record, play back, and rearrange CV clips as well as audio.


Wonderful, thank you!

Check out LOGAN, LOGAN20, and 02NAGOL from NYSTHI. (the latter 2 are 20 channels of logging, from per-sample intervals to 10,000 intervals (~1/4 second at 44.1kHz). The first 2 log to .CSV (simple text-based spreadsheet format), and the last uses a .csv to playback 20 channels.

If you need slew/glide/portamento/whatever you call it between steps, you can also use NYSTHI’s 4HANDS B Channels for 10 channels of Portamento (just enable the inputs in the bottom section).

(Using an S+H for quick patching an example)


Oh man, NYSTHI has modules for everything. I love them so much but don’t know at all.

thank you Patman, if I understood your suggestion correctly, I think what I had in mind is different.

The idea is not to program/store cvs to modulate a knob, it is almost the opposite: to be able to record knobs action like you’d do in a DAW and play it back. Not all knobs have a cv control, you can be a lot more precise/quicker with your mouse and it would be an intuitive way to automate some tasks in a patch.

I have prepared a module for v1 that can control knobs by CV. Currently you would have to use the two modules for recording and playing the automation data, but maybe I can merge both into one module…

that’s really promising! look forward too see it in V1 :slight_smile:

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Hello Dmitry, not what I had in mind but, a very similar function of what you requested has just been announced for Rack V1.