Recording audio & screen

Been struggling to get QuickTime to record screen and video to share some of the vcv rack stuff with a couple of music pals - downloaded sound flower but following the tutorials is not helping. Im on an iMac running mojave, I’m setting up in audio & midi the also trying quicktime and the new screenshot recording app in mojave but the tutorials I find do not go into specific enough details about the different audio setups, in system prefs and in quicktime and in audio/midi. Can anyone assist? Im getting video recording fine but cannot get any sound to record or play back :frowning:

I’m not a Mac or QuickTime user, so I can’t help you there. But I’d suggest you take a look at OBS. It’s cross platform, open source recording and streaming software.


Thanks for the recc, I’ll check it out

checked out but same issue - it will record audio thru the built in mic (sounds awful) but I don’t know what settings I have to use for recording from internal sound card?

OK i have figured it out, I need to change the output settings in the core audio module for it to output to the recording.