Recording a sequence via MIDI keyboard

Hello rackheadz! I have searched the forum but I haven’t found anything about (maybe I haven’t dug well enough, dunno…)

Is there a way to record a sequence via a MIDI keyboard?

I have a glorious Nektar LX49+ and I would like to record a sequence with that, also recording the correct timing (beamed notes, dotted notes). Without using MIDI.

Thanks for any suggestions! :smiley:

Maybe not exactly what you want but Foundry is close :


Remove Lite?


This would work with two instances, one for V/Oct and one for gates, as long no polyphony is involved…

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Racket Science Vector Victor is a real time looping CV recorder / overdubber, put v/oct cv & gate through one channel, gate & gate through the other, drive it with a saw LFO, the cycle time of which defines the loop length. If recording gates you only get one shot at it as they accumulate and there’s no reset input (yet, use context menu to clear), purposefully super simple but a much enhanced version is coming. For step wise recording I prefer Impromptu Big Button 2.

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Yeah I was thinking poly would not work off the bat but it could be done with multiple instances and split channels from MIDI I think. Might be a challenge to set up.

There will at some point be a poly version of VV.

The step record feature of our Seq++ works very well for this. As long as you aren’t looking to record the human timing feel.

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I think I got the overall point, please correct me if I am wrong.

Any sequencer like Foundry or Seq++ can record from a MIDI keyboard, I think that is the message, right?

I guess that any good sequencer can do the work I need. Then it’s up to me to tweak the sequence to properly work as I want to give it the “human timing feel” :wink:

One of the main reasons I made VV, for short loops it replicates your timing (or lack of) near enough perfectly. It only stores 1000 samples so the longer the loop the less accurate it gets.

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well, both those can record from CV/gate - neither takes MIDI. But most VCV sequencers do not do that. afaik most don’t.

Also, seq++ does encourage you to tweak the timing, but most people who use VCV prefer to do this by setting up clock sources that do it automatically.

So, of course we want you to use Seq++, but just trying to let you know that Seq++ is kind of an “odd bird” in VCV world.

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