record cv/trig

What is the best way to record cv and trigger signals?

Let me explain. I use rack to control external hardware synths. Most of my patches involve some sort of generative stuff, which will sound different every time I play the patch. But the problem is: I want to record the performance. And I do not have enough channels into my recording computer. So I was thinking: what if I record the hardware synths one at a time? For that, I would need a way to “freeze” the performance of my patch. And it seems to me the best way to do that is to record the performance, cv and trig, so I can play it back. I seem to remember there’s a module that can do this. But I cannot find it.

Hope this all makes sense :slight_smile:

There are several modules that can do this but the only one I can think of off hand is:

I’m pretty sure I saw another one recently but I can’t remember it…WAIT it’s this:

There may be others as well.

PDarray will do it.

You could also use Nysthi Logan if you want to record stuff to CSV.

Also I’m pretty sure that I did it in the past with a sampler.


Thank you. The problem is I want to record the whole song. Most recorders just record 16 steps. Logan is interesting, but it cannot be synced to a clock. How did you use a sampler for this? Will check pdarray

I’m probably not understanding what you’re trying to do. All a sampler does is record your signal so it doesn’t care whether it’s cv or audio. As I sometimes say it’s not really audio until it hits the speaker.

One thing I forgot to mention about Logan is that there’s a sister module called Nagol that reads in your csv files and makes them into cv.

Yes, I know about Nagol. Been there when Antonio came up with that, for Damien if I remember correctly. Anyway, I think you understand what I want. It’s I who forgot about how to use a sampler for that. Now all I need is to record the output, and put the “audio” in a sampler that can hold a sample of about 4 minutes. Thank you.

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If you want to do it in a linear way, that plays linear every time the same again. You might want to check the Entrian Sequencers CV, it is not free though, but belongs to a fine set of modules!

That’s an interesting idea. Will it record for as long as I like (until I hit stop)?

It will record for the duration that you have set the phrase to be (ie: 16/32/128 etc).

And depending where you have set the loop locators it will loop at those points:

I suggest you check the manual here to determine if it is what you need: manual

Check with @Richie if you have more specific questions that are not answered in the manual? :slight_smile:


Thanks. I was imagining something like Nysthi’s recorder, that you just turn on or off. So you don’t have to worry about length. this will work too, I guess, as long as it can handle 1000 beats or so. And there’s still the recorder/sampler route, too.

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