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I fount this module to manage MIDI cc 14 bits messages on the output :

Excellent module!

Is there a reciprocal one somewhere? Thank you. Alain

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Author of the mentioned module. Thanks for the compliment.

I have never written a matching module for midi output. This was written during the VCV 1.x era before the native midi Midi CC > CV module had the option for 14 bit midi. I have only just looked and am surprised that the complementary native CV - midi CC does not also have the option.

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Thank you for your response! The way I discovered your module was quite funny actually.

I have a YouTube channel about VCV Rack, and I’m making a series of cideoz bout MIDI protocol around VCV Rack. The last two videos address MIDI cc messages. I had fun showing all kinds of digital values ​​as input, and how they appear on the output of the transfer via MIDI (values ​​manipulated like binary, Hexa, voltages, etc.) I even used small programs with calculation modules from Stochastic Telegraph ;0)

Thanks also to the excellent modules from: Lunetta modules, Stoermelder MIDI module, VCV MIDI modules, scopes, etc.

Here are the patches for download to give you an idea, and the associated videos.

Playlist about this topic :

However, I hadn’t found a way to check that my simple algorithms and simple programs were correct, and that my strategies regarding MIDI were correct too. When I founT your module, I compared the numerical values on the output of my MIDI Process ​​(Volts) with those of your module, and yes! I got the same values ​​with a orecision of 0.001 :0) Pretty happy!

But indeed, and I agree with you, I found a lot of strange things in all these 14-bit modules, especially those from VCV; the 14-bit option can be selected on the reception side, but not on the transmission side. As you say in your documentation, we can at least expect that the MIDI receiver waits until it has the two 14-bit cc messages (eg cc0 and cc32) to output the global value. But what happens when it outputs the 2 cc values ​​separately?

This is just an example of the questions I have today… I will try to write a post to put together these questions…


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