Recent patches

Is there a way to clear the recents in the file browser tab. I’m still learning a lot about using VCV Rack and I’ve saved a few Test patches which I have now deleted as I don’t want to keep them but they still show uo in the recents list.

Go to […\Documents\Rack2] and edit in Notepad the settings.json document, there will be listed the recently opened patches - delete them…

Cheers for helping man. I think I looked in every other file apart from that one. It worked , although the next time I reopened VCV rack it told me the database had been corrupted and would I like to re-initialise it ,and then I suddenly had 1100 modules and I know I only have a couple of hundred, but then i realised it had logged me out. As soon as I logged back in again everything went back to normal.

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Glad it worked - If you delete just the lines in the document that list recent patches , there should be no issues

Yes I did only delete that line, but its all working now so I won’t worry about it anymore again thanks for your input.