Receiving a Midi Chord from Ableton

So yeah. Title says it. I’d like to send a three note Am from Ableton through loopMidi and then take the separate notes to individual oscillators.

Anyone found an elegant way of doing this? My first idea needs multiple VCV instances and that seems silly.

Maybe with the Midi-4 core module ?
In this video it works with a midi controller, so i guess it will be the same with loopMidi ?

I will have a go

You have to wait for Rack v1. In Rack v0.6 it needs some workarounds, like strumming to simulate polyphony.

Well, there’s no “true polyphony” persay, but the method in the video works for my purpose (not needing more than one instance of vcv rack).

The only thing I’m having a bit of a struggle with is when one note starts and another ends at the exact same time then often the second one doesn’t play. But for the sake of forum organization I’ll probably make a second post for that.

Thanks again guys

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