Received my ES-8 today and am quite happy :)

Received my Expert Sleepers ES-8 today and I’m very happy with it. It is plug and play with my iMac and VCV Rack. Finally I can use my beloved BRANES with my Eurorack :slight_smile:

This patch is kind of “Minimal Ambient with Maximum Effort”. I just wanted to connect everything and to test.

My Eurorack received clock, sequencer and some random signals from VCV Rack. The CV from the sequencer was routed to a Doepfer A-110 which simply put out a sine wave. This was sent to a A-124 WASP VCF-5 from Doepfer and from there to the output.

The S&H module Branes sends random voltages from VCV rack to the wasps frequency inputs. That gives sometimes nice, sometimes screechy sounds.

The Gate from VCV Rack is also sent to my Moog Mother for a nice little bass sequence. I routed the gate via Marbles for a little bit jitterness.

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can anyone confirm operational procedures with an es8? Im interested in one to use as a clock source so that I can use FX within VCV Host and also modulation sources from VCV Rack, however I read something on the FB group recently that there are some scaling issues with es8 through VCV Rack?

I’ve been troubleshooting this…my ES-8 works great for modulation and triggers, but the V/Oct is off for pitched items. I was pointed to the NYSTHI Tunathor, which does calibrate it and it works great. But at the moment, Tunathor can’t save the pitch map, so you have to redo it every time you close/open VCV Rack. I’d love to hear other options as well. I have actually used my disting to quantize CV coming from ES-8 for pitched stuff, but I only have one Disting, I’d love for all the outputs of the ES-8 to be calibrated for VCV.

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Another option is to use SilentWay from ES.

do you need to run silent way through the host module for this to work?

Im just wondering if I’m going to gain anything going with an es-8 over using the MOTU interface I have aside from the full voltage range. If pitch tracking is not working very well, then using a MOTU for modulations with an offset might be enough

Oops, last time I checked this, SW was not working through Host - it’s not supported by VCV Host module… So no way to run it via Host yet…

Guess it depends on what you want to do with it. I messed around with one of my DC coupled outs on my RME and it did work for things where pitch tracking wasn’t important. But I have enjoyed the ES-8, especially once calibrated with Tunathor (which could conceivably work with your MOTU?). Hopefully, we’ll have a good solution to save the offsets soon, whether it’s SW or Tunathor or other…

Our prayers have been answered:


so tunathor is useless now ?

I think they both work equally well, though for the moment, at least the SW module allows you to save the map so you don’t have to redo it every time. I put in a feature request with NYSTHI, they’re really cool about updates, so maybe it’ll be available too. Never can have to many options.

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I agree it’s good to have options - particularly with V1 coming soon - who knows what will be updated when…

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I tune my V/Oct’s from within Bitwig using their HW CV Instrument. BTW, pairing the ES-8 with the ES-3 and ES-6 loads up even more ins/outs!

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Not so relevant anymore as native modules are available from Expert Sleepers, but there is a way to use Silent Way in the Host-module:
You have to wrap the shell-Plugin with this tool

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