Received my ES-8 today and am quite happy :)

(Martin) #1

Received my Expert Sleepers ES-8 today and I’m very happy with it. It is plug and play with my iMac and VCV Rack. Finally I can use my beloved BRANES with my Eurorack :slight_smile:

This patch is kind of “Minimal Ambient with Maximum Effort”. I just wanted to connect everything and to test.

My Eurorack received clock, sequencer and some random signals from VCV Rack. The CV from the sequencer was routed to a Doepfer A-110 which simply put out a sine wave. This was sent to a A-124 WASP VCF-5 from Doepfer and from there to the output.

The S&H module Branes sends random voltages from VCV rack to the wasps frequency inputs. That gives sometimes nice, sometimes screechy sounds.

The Gate from VCV Rack is also sent to my Moog Mother for a nice little bass sequence. I routed the gate via Marbles for a little bit jitterness.

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