Rec Vcv in Logic

Good morning, I record VCV sounds on Logic using the “External Instrument” plug in.

This plug in sends midi input to VCV by a midi bus of the pc and VCV sends audio input to Logic by the Soundflouwer digital interface.

I set VCV audio device to the same sample rate of Logic (44.1) with buffer size to 256 (the minimum I need to riduce latency and eliminate chattering (in stand alone) at the same time.

However, when I record the sound on an audio track of logic, the chattering comes back and I can’t record a clean sound that could be used for music.

Do someone know how I could solve this problem?

Hey Marco! I have only some suggestions from the ‚maybe‘-type; I don‘t know ‚ext. Instr.‘ in Logic… — First I‘d try to raise the buffer and see if it works satisfactory. — Is the soundflower the main (only) interface for VCV and something else for logic‘s Out? Could you elaborate on that? You should have buffersize in logic as well… Maybe you‘ll find sthg. there. —Then I‘d try to eliminate the ext. Instr. and send midi / record VCV from & on 2 seperate tracks… Keep us updated, please! Cheers, dDom

Hi dDom, thank you very much for your availability. Logic’s buffer size is 128 (if I raise it, the latency arrives). Soundflower together works on my analog audio interface. Together they form a combined device. In logic, however, for the moment, soundflower is set only as an input, while for the output it uses only the analog interface. Based on your advice I might try to block the audio input in the Ext. Inst. and make it reach only the audio track. Also I could try to set the combined device as both input and output of logic. Do you happen to come up with other ideas? Tomorrow I will try these and update you, thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey Marco, I‘d still go the way of giving logic or vcv or both more buffer and except some latency… If that troubles you too much, you can delay other tracks by the amount of latency, that you measure yourself or that logic tells you about… Delay in ms, no feedback no dry signal).

One other thing might be: - if it gets tricky only while recording, you can also try another recording path (different harddrive). While I didn’t have this problem in years (ssd, fast drives nowadays), I do remember having audio clicks and stuff due to a harddrive, that was too busy or too slow for the amount of tracks I wanted to record. All the best, dDom

In the end I decided to follow your advice, only instead of delaying the other tracks I anticipated the midi region of the synth by calculating how much lag the latency caused. Anyway, as soon as possible I will get a new generation mac, confident that this problem will disappear. Thank’s again my friend