Reason 12 + VCV Rack 2 Pro = Control Panels as "muTable" Audible series ReFill

Huge collection of Audible Instruments inside the Reason Rack.

Collection of Combinator control panels for VST (VCV Rack 2 Pro). 125 Combinator 2.0 Patches for Reason by Reason Studios.


  • muBrights (Braids module)
  • muElemental (Elements module)
  • muHeaven (Clouds module)
  • muPlains (Plaits module)
  • muResonate (Rings module)
  • muShelfs (Shelves module)
  • muSides (Tides module)
  • meSteams (Streams module)
  • muSweeps (Sheets version of Tides module)
  • muTopoDrums (Grids module + Plaits drums)
  • muTriples (Ripples module)
  • muWraps (Warps module)

WARNING: You need the following to use this ReFill with combinator 2 patches::

  • Reason 12 perpetual license or Reason+ subscription
  • VCV Rack 2 Pro (VST commercial license)

Reason Shop Link to “muTableAudible Rack” ReFill: muTableAudibleRack | Combinator Editors VCV | Shop | Reason Studios

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