Real world close equivalent of Bogaudio LLFO

When I started my first forays into hardware eurorack recently I found myself pining for a real module as skinny, but potent as Bogaudio’s LLFO, something I use in VCV Rack all the time because it has range and offset controls plus multiple wave types.

Can anyone recommend anything remotely similar in the hardware world?

2hp LFO comes close, no offset though

yeah that’s close, but it’s the offset and range controls together that I’m really after even if it needs to be slightly wider than the virtual module. My guess is I’ll end up getting some kind of digital utility that trades off functionality with a bit of menu diving, but gives me multiple LFOs. I picked up a micro ornament and crime that offers that, but I’m using it for quad quantizers more.

After a bit of googling I may be able to match up basic LFOs with one of these to provide the offset and attenuation for range

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