Raspbian buster and ubuntu bionic arm (32 & 64bit) builds of vcvrack v1.1.3


there is a new arm build of vcvrack out for raspbian buster and ubuntu bionic arm (32 & 64bit) based on vcvrack v1.1.3.

it can be found here: https://github.com/hexdump0815/vcvrack-dockerbuild-v1/releases

more information about it can be found here: https://github.com/hexdump0815/vcvrack-dockerbuild-v1

and specifically for runing it on the raspberry pi here: https://github.com/hexdump0815/vcvrack-dockerbuild-v1/blob/master/readme-raspbian.txt

changelog for version 1.1.3

  • upgraded vcvrack to version v1.1.3
  • more included plugins (all 68 currently available open source plugins plus 21khz - resulting in a total of 870 vcvrack modules!)
  • introduce Rack.patch file with arch independent patches to avoid having to add them to all the arch patch files
  • vcvrack starts in iconified mode now on all platforms
  • some changes in vcvrack v1.1.2 and v.1.1.3 have been reverted to let all the plugins comple and run properly (see Rack.patch)

best wishes - hexdump



Now, all i need are arm binaries for the free modules and some usable audio+midi over lan stuff… yay :wink:

regards Hacky

the plugin binaries (for the open source plugins) are included in the package already and for audio and midi over network jackd (easier to use via qjackctl frontend) is very good on linux.

best wishes - hexdump

Aaah! Very cool … thank you … i will try that :wink:


hacky :wink:

Interesting idea, @hexdump. But what about performance? How many modules I can run?

it depends on the modules - if you have a supported device around, just give it a try maybe :slight_smile: - you might have a look at the sonaremin as well: https://github.com/hexdump0815/sonaremin

best wishes - hexdump