Random trigger sequencer question?

I’d like a gate / trigger sequencer that will randomly place X triggers across Y steps, something like Count Modula Euclidean Sequencer but the hits would be in random positions, does such a beast exist? Can’t see for looking…

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Do you mean something that would repeat the same random sequence of triggers over and over? That seems like something that would be possible to just set up with a bernouli gate like my “Fundamental only Turing machine” patch.

Maybe something like this with a Pulse Matrix triggering RND on the last step?


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What I do is set a row in VCV Pulse matrix to random order if you turn on one step you’ll get 1 out of 8 (or 16) clocks generating a trigger. Click more steps - which step doesn’t matter and the density rise. You can run the output of a row through a scope to see if it’s distributing the clocks to your satisfaction.

There’s 3 ways that trigger distribution can work:

  1. Distributed evenly as possible.
  2. Distributed as unevenly as possible. The Frozen Wasteland QAR has a mode for this that I don’t understand. It distributes triggers unevenly but still with some even-ness, i.e. it does’t group all the triggers together, which is maximally uneven.
  3. Distribute randomly, that’s what a Pulse Matrix does if a row’s order is set to Random. It will be locally uneven sometimes but over the long run it will be roughly even, simply because it is random, and - I hope - has an even random distribution.