Random Samples SFZ Tool (for SFZ Player)

About ten years ago I made a java tool to make an SFZ file from random samples. It can be fun to use with the @Squinky.Labs SFZ Player in VCV Rack.

Here is how you use it:

  1. If you don’t already have it, download and install a version of java. I use java 7 for it. Java Archive Downloads - Java SE 7

  2. Download and unzip the app here http://jeremywentworth.com/downloads/rANdoMSaMPles-0.3.zip

  3. Double click on rANdoMSaMPles.jar and it should start up and show you the UI.

  4. Click the big plus sign to add a source directory. (the destination directory will fill in automatically)

  5. Click the big button which says ‘GeT rANdoMSaMPles noW!’

  6. You now have an SFZ file in the destination folder for loading into the SFZ Player in VCV Rack.

NOTE: It uses absolute paths so that it can go into multiple directories. You will have to edit the SFZ file if you want to share it and use relative paths.



Thanks for posting this! btw, what does “Loop Each key” do? Does it set up a loop for the complete wav file in the SFZ using loop_start, loop_end, loop_mode? (current version of SFZ player ignores looping, but the next one will support it well).

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I don’t remember and it gives me an error. I don’t even know if I have the source code anywhere.


Oh, and btw. The original release of SFZ player did not understand absolute paths to wave files, so was not compatible with this cool program. But the second version (the one in the library now) does understand absolute paths. So this program works. It also makes it easier for people who have scripts that make SFZ, as now you don’t need to extra step of making the paths relative.

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:raising_hand_man: So, let me get this straight… If I use this to generate an SFZ file from, say, piano, horn, violin, and harp samples, then when it’s loaded into SFZ Player any given note has a 25% chance of being, say a piano sample, but the next semitone up it could be a horn?

And, that note (eg. F#5) will always be a piano sample and the G5 will always be a horn?

Do I have the gist of it?

I used the SFZ generator last night, it appeared to work all right, but the resulting file crashed VCV Rack. It was late, I was tired, so I’ll try again today and make a real report on my success/failure. Seems like a neat tool though.

That sounds right to me. Although I have to confess I haven’t tried it yet.

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Please do! Also, the WIP “new version” of SFZ player is on the par2 branch. But for sure I will want to know if you can crash the current version, too.

Ok, I tried that and can not find rANdoMSaMPles.jar anywhere. What did I do this time???

Ok, I’m and idiot and got it now.

haha - I doubt that you are truly an idiot, but glad you found it.