Random bursts of loud noise. Bug? Glitch?

Hi there VCV Community,

I was just making a new patch using some new modules from CV Funk and I’m having an issue where I get random bursts of loud noise from the output when nothing is playing. I’ve experienced similar issues in the past when using some of the reverb modules from Nysthi. I only mention that I’m using some new modules from CV Funk because I havent used them before and they are the only new element in the patch. The strange thing is though that the loud noise glitching I’m experiencing doesn’t come from the CV Funk oscillator but instead seems to come from nowhere and show up only on the master out fader of the mindmeld mixer, and it is also wet with the effects that are attached to the AUX expander.

Does anyone know what causes this? It definitley seems like a glitch to me but I don’t really know how to avoid it or even trouble shoot it short of not using various modules even though they don’t even seem to be the cause…???

Suffice to say I am confused, any insight would be appreciated.


Running out of cpu?

One idea that comes is that you try to exchange the modules ( just one by one)
and try to find out if there is one module causing the glitch.

Or you can upload the patch here and we can try to find the cause for the glitches.

Very strange!? If it’s something my module is doing wrong, I’ll fix it if I can! I hope some of the more experienced VCV crowd can help us narrow down the source of the issue.

It would help helpful if you could share your patch and platform details. Perhaps I can replicate the problem by running the patch.

No definitely not, I’m barely touching the CPU. I’m on a M2 Max with 64gb shared memory, VCV flies on this machine.

Yeah I had the same though, I’ll give it a try, I just didn’t want to start dismantling the patch at the time of posting this and figured it might be a more common problem. The fact that the send effects are applied to the audio glitch indicates that it is a module but the source of the actually audio is unclear on the mixer.

Yeah maybe I’ll share the patch later today. I’ll also do some troubleshooting myself and report back. Loving your modules btw, not sure they’re the cause but it was the first time I’d used them so it seemed logical that they might be the cause