Rampage: typical use cases, specific strength points

Until now I had an hard time at using Rampage in an effective way. I want to try again and I’ve been watching these two tutorials: https://www.reddit.com/r/vcvrack/comments/9zfv7u/befaco_rampage_vcv_rack_tutorial/ - https://www.reddit.com/r/vcvrack/comments/7hek2v/befaco_rampage_tutorial/

I’m looking for additional, introductory advice about it from those who happily use it, and I also have a few questions:

did you have any enlightenment when learning how to use? what made you “click”? what made you understand its behaviour and/or realize your workflow needed it?

I understand Rampage can be used in different ways - what are your most characteristic applications?

At the moment, I’m looking for other modulations sources than LFOs and ADSR envelopes: would you say Rampage a very good alternative?

please be patient with me as I’m not a native speaker, which makes everything a bit harder. thanks


some more info here:

sometimes I just send audio through the “in” and use the “Rising” or “Falling” outs to degrade the sounds, varied by different Rise and Fall settings

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https://youtu.be/tO2p9vMnuus I have some video on other but still similar module and such envelope generators are still the same beasts. So you can find some ideas in this video I believe. But that was too long ago so I can’t remember all techniques I showed in that video) just my 2cents

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I found this one useful:

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A complete masterclass (in french)