Radio Garden: Listen to Worldwide Radio

I just found out about a pretty awesome app/website called Radio Garden. Lets you tune in to radio stations from around the world. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it lately.

Radio Garden website

Radio Garden iPhone

Radio Garden Android


I listen to it every night while I shave, with the "Android app.

Most often I listen to “Moon Phase Radio” out of the U.K., but there’s a lot of great stations in Africa playing local stuff.

One refreshing thing about the app is that when you browse for a station on the map they may display the names of cities, but they don’t show names or borders of countries.

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Those smartphones are getting smarter by the minute.


I see what you did there. :roll_eyes:


An alternative, cheap and super useful VST for sampling is Radio:

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I use WebSDR servers, which use Software Defined Radios hooked to antennas to stream live shortwave broadcasts.


i was looking (obviously not hard enough) for this exact thing not to long ago. thanks!:slight_smile:

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this made me relise something i dont know how to do: how do i get the audio from the computer, external from vcv (in this case the radio garden) into vcv? i am not the best at computers, but ive tried every combination of drivers and outputs on the audio 8 module into a scope with max gain to see if the computer sound comes through, and nothing…

You need to route the audio via virtual sound cards. I don’t know anything about Linux but if you are on a Mac then it is very easy to do with Soundflower, Blackhole or Loopback (paid). If you are on Windows then it is more painful. I think there are freeware solutions, there is Dante (paid) and there is a new entrant, Blue Cat Audio’s Connector (paid).

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If you’re in Windows, depending on your hardware and drivers, you can use the Stereo mix. Sometimes it might be hidden or disabled, but a web search might help you there if that’s the case.

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I have used voicemeeter potato to route audio between apps on Windows 10 and 11.

Heres the audio from google chrome into voicemeeter VAIO (outputs to B2) → vcv-audio (outputs to A1) → vcv-host-fx → vcv-audio → voicemeeter aux

Windows is set to use the device “Voicemeeter VAIO”:

VCV is set to use “ASIO: Voicemeeter AUX”

Voicemeeter A1 is set to my physical hardware interface.

It’s not easy to get it working, sometimes it crackles - and restarting the audio engine in the software helps.

VB-Audio VoiceMeeter Potato

I paid EUR 10.

thanks this worked. it would be great if there was a way to exclude vcv from that, so that i dont get feedback (dont worry, i havnt managed this), so if so, that would be great, or something similar

Thanks much for the link, I’ve been looking for something just like that site. I have one of those SDR dongles, it works great for local FM but not so well for short-wave.

:+1:t3:Thanks for the heads up about Soundflower. Just the ticket for making a video of a Rack patch with sound. I used to have to record audio from Rack, and capture the video with QuickTime Player, then piece them together in iMovie. What a pain that was.