Radio button

Looking for a working example of the radio button. Can’t figure it out.



Is it the logic you can’t figure out?

if (this == true) {them = false;}

Sadly I didn’t come that far. Much earlier in the process, I start with say 4 buttons. Those should be grouped into a radioButton I think? Looked a the ‘plain’ button and the rgb led, but that didn’t inspire.

Thanks for your patience,


Not necessarily grouped, just give the appearance of being so. All a radio button does is turn off other buttons when each is enabled. If you can make one light turn on all lights it’s just a matter of doing the opposite. 1’s and 0’s!

Mmm, so you have to implement the logic yourself? Then what are RadioButton.cpp &-.hpp for?

Selecting module tags / brands I think, but not sure.