Rackheads meeting at Superbooth 2020

Ok guys, just like last year, also this year I hope we can have a nice meeting :slight_smile: First of all, let’s see how many people are coming, and please, if you already voted on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1505551229579890/permalink/1792928217508855/), DON’T vote here also. Cheers!

  • Oh yeah, I’m there!
  • Opalach, I cannot come…

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Last year we had a rackheads meeting at a nice Italien restaurant, with nice pizza\pasta\wine\beer, and it was very nice :slight_smile:


not yet this year :frowning: … But one day i’ll try to come once i finish studying :wink: can’t wait to meet you all <3

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@Omri_Cohen Where exactly will this happen??

Florida, Madrid, Bangkok, Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station ???

Before voting myself in or out, I’m curious to know as to how many planes, trains and automobiles I would have to hop in in order to reach the meeting :wink:


Danke sehr

Mar del Plata :smiley:

indeed it was very nice, food good but not exceptional, but best of area around there for sure so no issue to repeat a big gathering there :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’ll be there, yet, still planning out the year / budget /etc. It’s definitely in the top 5!

Got the plane tickets :slight_smile:


I‘ll be there in Berlin. It will be my first visit of Superbooth so I’m not sure yet what to expect :joy:

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Ok guys so, for now, it seems like Superbooth is happening and I ordered a table for us :slight_smile: It will be on Friday, the 24th of April, at 18:00 in the Stella del Koep (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Stella+del+Koep/@52.4613288,13.5489991,15z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x15529ca1f1f6b064!2sFEZ-Berlin!8m2!3d52.4613288!4d13.5489991!3m4!1s0x0:0x63cc33de429551ab!8m2!3d52.4557479!4d13.5523197)

We will be around 25 people so they asked me to call a day or so before and tell them more or less what we want so they don’t have so much stress in the kitchen. I will post again a few days before about the menu and such.

I’m really happy to meet all of you soon! Cheers!


So, Loop is postponed and I guess that Superbooth will come next… I had to cancel my tickets already so I will not be there in case it’s still happening :frowning: I really hope we will get the chance to meet next time or at a different event. Take care!

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Take care everyone, stay safe and let’s hope things get better soon <3

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Well, it’s official now… No Superbooth… :frowning: https://www.superbooth.com/en/

Unfortunately all big events in Germany will be canceled. As of today in Bavaria starting from the 16.03. until mid of April there will be no school or kindergarden. Universities also shut down a week ago. So expect other events here in Germany to be canceled.

too bad - would have been fun to see some of you guys up there in Berlin


Everything will be on lock-down in a week or so! Scary stuff.

I would not be able to come any way, here in Italy April 25th is one of the most important festivity, it’s freedom from fascism, and in the place where I live (between Padua and Venice) we also celebrate an ancient festivity that bring us to the embankment of the river to make omelette. this will attract all the ants there and prevent our houses from their spring invasion :broccoli: furthermore, this year my girl turns 40 in those days

This '19 situation should be taken seriously, we must stay home as long as we can. Everybody has to.

It’s been 3 weeks I don’t see my family, I cannot risk my parents get the '19. I hope this will be solved in 3 weeks, but I think it will take longer actually. This is not up to the virus, this is up to us. More stupid we are, more consequences we get. Easy as hell.

I don’t think that everything will be shut down, I think we are going to get food as usual and hot water from the tap. This is not Chernobyl in our backyard. Here in Italy I know a lot of people that already lost their mind…they think they are in jail and do nothing but thinking about the release party…how can they live that way? It’s so quite now, everybody closes themselves at home at sunset, as life should be. We are asked to stay home, we are not asked to go to war…

When I was 18, I crashed by myself on the highway and broken both legs and both feet. Many surgeries, hyperbaric room, rehab…I have been 3 MONTHS in bed, and then I had to learn again to walk…from scratch. This seems more like a walk with the dog to me…just stay safe, don’t get the '19.

Economy will suffer, no doubt about it. We all must “tighten our butt” as we say.

There is always a way out. Hope to meet you at superbooth2021 :partying_face: