Racket Science First Module

Disclaimer: Haven’t written code for years & am still somewhat confused by github.

Anyway, my first module, Vector Victor, is on github if anyone would like to have a look / play.

I can only build for linux so if people could check that it compiles & runs ok on mac & doze that’d be great.

It’s really simple, just two buffers that are indexed by the phase inputs, primarily intended as a loop recorder. Not intended for use with audio, yet.

If a rack / c++ guru could give it a quick sanity check I’d be grateful.

All comments welcome.

Done for Windows



I could be wrong but you might have to remove the sub directory. The repo first page should contain the makefile/json in order for the library to build.

Currently if I cloned the repo it would clone as is, Racket-Science/Racket-Science/makefile

You don’t need the dist folder in the repo, if you are pushing from desktop you can include a .gitignore and add folder / file names to this see: https://github.com/VCVRack/Fundamental/blob/v1/.gitignore

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Thanks. I’m aware I screwed it up, will have to read a bit more about git, then have another go, probably deleting that repo and starting again from scratch. Will repost here once done.

You can just re-upload the src res folders makefile json and licence to where the readme is and delete the contents of the sub directory. Should delete the folder automatically if it has no contents.

Yes. I had to move the contents of the folder to compile it.

I think I’ve got this structured correctly now:

Mmmh. Nope. Makefile missing.

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Thank you.

Boogie Bay just about done (I think) if anyone would like to wobble some cables. It now has voltage ranges selectable via context menu.


Linux & mac binaries available, could someone build for doze please?

I also read it wrong, I think he needs a build for (win)doze :wink:

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ah not doze as in those, weird way to say windows, oh well

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Yup, sorry. I’ve called it doze ever since I switched to linux as when I (rarely) go back to it, I often find myself wondering what the hell it’s doing / why it appears to be half asleep relative to linux. So yes, if someone could build a windows version for me I’d be grateful.

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