Rack2pro with REAPER on Linux Mint 20.2

Reaper 6.42 won’t connect to the rack2.so files. It lists the VST3 modules (located in /lib/usr/vst3) as “failed to scan”.

Reaper behaves normally with other VSTs such as Surge and Vital.

I just acquired the VCVRack2 outfit two days ago. What can I do?

yes, it happened in the past uptade, it not work on reaper, renoise and the rack host, I have already reported it

we could be patient , all the crew is working hard fixing bugs…

David – I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about this – but in any case, thanks very much for your speedy reply.

I will be patient.

Wasn’t the b release supposed to fix this? Both VSTi and VST are working for me in reaper. Have you tried going into the reaper VST preferences and click the rescan button > plugins that failed to scan and click on VCV. This fixed it for me.

Are you on a different OS? I’m on LinuxMint 20.2. I’ve rescanned many times, with no success.

I’m on arch but I can’t imagine it makes much difference. Probably best to report it then to support@vcvrack.com although David said he already has. I’m sure it can’t do any harm in showing you that can reproduce it at least and they might ask you to test a fix.

I hope they do. My Rack2 – installed just two days ago – is in fact 2.0.3b.

Try deleting contents of autosave. If that still does not get VST going then blank out the template.vcv and try again, though I think 2.0.3b uses it’s own template for the VST, though not tested that yet. That should get the VST scanning and going hopefully

Nothing still. Rack2, when I invoke it from /opt/VCV, appears to operate normally. Just to make sure I’m on the same page with everybody else, I’m including the first couple of dozen lines from that session’s log.txt:

[0.003 info adapters/standalone.cpp:137 main] VCV Rack Pro v2.0.3b
[0.003 info adapters/standalone.cpp:138 main] Linux 5.4.0-91-lowlatency #102-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 5 18:18:39 UTC 2021 x86_64
[0.003 info adapters/standalone.cpp:144 main] Args: ./Rack
[0.003 info adapters/standalone.cpp:147 main] System directory: /opt/VCV
[0.003 info adapters/standalone.cpp:148 main] User directory: /home/jim/.Rack2
[0.003 info adapters/standalone.cpp:152 main] System time: 2021-12-16 10:16:01 -0500
[0.003 info src/settings.cpp:455 load] Loading settings /home/jim/.Rack2/settings.json
[0.005 info adapters/standalone.cpp:175 main] Initializing environment
[0.023 info src/rtaudio.cpp:240 RtAudioDriver] Creating RtAudio ALSA driver
[0.023 info src/rtaudio.cpp:240 RtAudioDriver] Creating RtAudio PulseAudio driver
[0.023 info src/rtaudio.cpp:240 RtAudioDriver] Creating RtAudio JACK driver
[0.037 info src/plugin.cpp:151 loadPlugin] Loading Core plugin
[0.039 info src/plugin.cpp:211 loadPlugin] Loaded Core v2.0.2
[0.039 info src/plugin.cpp:153 loadPlugin] Loading plugin from /home/jim/.Rack2/plugins/Fundamental
[0.049 info src/plugin.cpp:211 loadPlugin] Loaded Fundamental v2.0.0
[0.115 info adapters/standalone.cpp:194 main] Initializing context
[0.119 info src/window/Svg.cpp:28 loadFile] Loaded SVG /opt/VCV/res/ComponentLibrary/Rail.svg
[0.294 info src/window/Window.cpp:325 Window] Window content scale: 1.000000
[0.333 info src/window/Window.cpp:384 Window] Renderer: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2
[0.333 info src/window/Window.cpp:385 Window] OpenGL: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 460.91.03
[0.339 info src/window/Window.cpp:50 loadFile] Loaded font /opt/VCV/res/fonts/DejaVuSans.ttf
[0.339 info src/patch.cpp:366 hasAutosave] Loading autosave /home/jim/.Rack2/autosave/patch.json
[0.339 info src/patch.cpp:291 load] Loading patch /home/jim/.Rack2/template.vcv
[0.345 info src/patch.cpp:291 load] Loading patch /opt/VCV/template.vcv
[0.350 info src/patch.cpp:307 load] Unarchived patch in 0.003340 seconds
[0.350 info src/patch.cpp:377 loadAutosave] Loading autosave /home/jim/.Rack2/autosave/patch.json
[0.351 info src/patch.cpp:529 fromJson] Patch was made with Rack v2.beta.1, current Rack version is v2.0.3b
[0.352 info src/engine/Module.cpp:173 fromJson] Patch created with Core v2.0.0, currently using v2.0.2.
[0.352 info src/engine/Module.cpp:173 fromJson] Patch created with Core v2.0.0, currently using v2.0.2.
[0.355 info src/engine/Module.cpp:173 fromJson] Patch created with Core v2.0.0, currently using v2.0.2.

OOPS - uh, that wasn’t the smartest move I’ve made recently. I’ll email those 32 lines to support /at/ vcvrack.

for future reference, if you put three backticks ``` before and after your pasted text, it will format it in a readable way.

Heh. Thanks. I’ll do that.

I wonder if this is because of where you have installed it. I had a similar problem when I first installed Rack 2, previously I had mine in ~/.local/opt and that is where I put Rack 2 initially and I had similar problems. The install instructions say that it should be in ~/.local/applications/VCV (or is it in share? can’t remember off the top of my head) so the plugin is probably not finding the Rack files.

That sounds – ahh – “persuasively plausible”. I’m on something else right now, but I’ll try it early this afternoon, with my fingers crossed. Thanks.

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I had the same issue. At first everything worked great then reaper started crashing at load or when dropping the vst or vsti on a track. Reaper stopped seeing the plugin and failed to scan. I deleted all vcv plugins and reaper could relaunch and scan vcv plugin, turns out modules from valley and packone are making the vst crash and prevent reaper from scanning.

It looks like the install instructions were updated since I last read them so it should work where you have them.

So I moved everything that was in opt/VCV down to /home/jim/.local/share/VCV. Rebooted the entire OS. That was yesterday. This morning I reinstalled reaper.

Nothing has changed. Reaper can see the Rack2 *.so files but can’t connect with them.

…have you try re installing the OS?

just kidding :sweat_smile:

This is not a solution but a bypass while you iron out the VST issue (or the dev come up with a fix) but you are aware you can route your Rack in Reaper right? So at least you have the audio coming in. It’s not as flexible as the VST solution but at least it can help keep you going to use Rack and Reaper.

…and both of the 27" monitors, and the Mackie 824s while I’m at it.

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