Rack2: Mouse Cursor Jumps to Center of Screen?

Anyone else have this issue where immediately after release the mouse from a knob or fader the mouse cursor is magically transported to the center of the screen?

While its very intermittent… its enough to get pretty frustrating at times. especially during a recording.

This is happening to me on 2.0.6 both windows and mac os. I’ve emailed support but they said they hadn’t had any other reports of it. So I wanted to check in with the community…

Never noticed this mouse cursor behavoir (jumps). I’m using VCV Rack Pro 2.0.6, platform is Windows 10 Pro (21H2)…

I remember it was an issue back in the v1.x days and then it was fixed. Haven’t heard about it since. Try and play with the Lock Cursor… settings in the View menu.

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i actually occasionally have this exact same issue. you’re right in that it’s quite intermittent, but also pretty irritating when it does happen.

Rack 2.0.6, windows 11.

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The lock cursor position is one of my favorite features on the daw and vst. I am glad this was implemented in Rack. I was thinking it might be something else interfering with the mouse… for example autohotkey but shutting that down doesn’t seem to help.

If anyone else runs into it I kindly ask that you report the issue to support. Especially if you can reproduce it consistently.

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Have also experienced this… and wondered if a fix was coming.

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i mean, it happens a fair amount, but i can’t purposefully reproduce it.

Does this issue happen when Lock cursor when dragging params is on or when it is off?

for me it’s only happened with it on, but i’ve barely ever turned that setting off except to try it and go back to turning it on.

i was just able to replicate the issue fairly consistently by the following:

i put my mouse cursor over a knob, and while only holding the button down for a short moment, i ever so slightly moved the mouse up and to the right, in a fairly quick motion, and let go of the mouse button immediately. i don’t know if that description of things will help anyone else replicate it, but i was just able to do it about 7 times out of 10.

Yes, I can replicate it. Thank you for your detailled explanations.

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I took a look inside the code and there’s a hack to prevent mouse cursor jumps (for the nerds, see line 161 in the code below).

I would suggest not to move the mouse when releasing the left mouse button to avoid this issue.

@alefnull please make a bug report with your detailled description to VCV - Support

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issue submitted to support


Thanks for your help guys!

response from support received:

“Thanks for the bug report, and sorry you’re experiencing this issue! This is now a known bug and we are hoping to fix it soon.”