Rack2 more efficient than Rack1?

I know that @vortico changed the way the audio engine worked. So is Rack2 more efficient than Rack1?

I can’t really tell on my machine, subjectively. The graphics seem snappier, perhaps because the audio & GUI threads don’t have to lock.

I haven’t really tested it fully but I get the sense that it is more efficient. I am running only on one core so far and haven’t had any need to bump it up whereas as before I would always run at 5 or so.

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Yes, for me it is.

I can’t express it in numbers, but just the way it starts and displays my template file , is way faster then v1.

And it seems that i can make larger patches then before, without having to select a different engine setting.

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Definitely better here on linux, maybe 10% improvement.



Me too, but haven’t measured and compared yet.

In my personal experience on an unsuitable computer, I admit, I have worked better with Rack 1. I assume it’s a question of graphics in my case. For my computer it is even more difficult to manage the new graphics and therefore I am able to use fewer modules than before. I’ve also experienced more frequent crashes on Rack 2, but it boots up faster. Considering the poor performance of my computer and some bugs that will be fixed shortly, I am satisfied with how Rack 2 works. The only thing I noticed weird is the ADSR VCV module, I can’t understand exactly what’s weird there, I just know that the old ADSR manipulated the sound better, I have this impression.

EDIT: I changed audio device, going from WASAPI to ASIO, much better. On Rack 1 it was the other way around, so I was having too many problems.

I’m on a quite old Macbook pro. V1 had the fans running like a Jumbo Jet after 15 minutes. 5 hours constant use yesterday with V2 and not a peep. Nothing, nada. Its very good.

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