Rack2 crashes on opening a large patch

Hello. I was working with a large patch including several audio paths. But today, after updating some modules VCV rack crashes immediately after clicking on the patch. I’m using Windows 11 and VCV rack 2.4.1 Here is the log file but I doubt it could help. log.txt (28.8 KB) what should I do?

From the log file it appears that the problem might be that the patch was created with Valley Feline version 2.0.4 but that you are now using 2.4.1. My guess is that this is similar to the issue with cutoff frequencies in Valley 2.4.1 changing from 0–10V to ±5V as discussed here:


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And the 2.4.1. version of valley does somehow not like audio set below 44.1lHz.

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No changes to the cutoff frequency mapping in Feline were made. This is most likely the samplerate mismatch issue tripping an assertion that was not stripped out during compilation. I’ve just pushed version 2.4.2 of my modules to the library team. This update removes the assertions and will hopefully no longer trigger crashes. It should be on the library very soon.