Rack Won't Utilize Dedicated Graphics Card

I’m on a laptop with both an Intel integrated GPU and an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060. I configured Rack 2 to use the latter GPU in both the NVIDIA Control Panel and Windows Graphics Settings, however when I use Rack it always uses the integrated card. I’m confirming this by looking at the “GPU Engine” section of the Task Manager as well as watching the performance of both GPUs in the Task Manager when Rack is running.

I’ve updated the NVIDIA card’s drivers, updated Windows 10, updated Rack, uninstalled and reinstalled Rack again, and still the same results. Does anyone know how to make Rack use the dedicated GPU?

There’s been quite a few threads about that in here, try searching.

maybe this:

If it doens’t work (suggested in last post in that thread): VCV - Support

Could you link some of those threads? The only one I could find regarding this specific issue is the one that Jens.Peter.NIelsen linked.

Thanks, yeah I already configured that in the Graphics Settings as I mentioned in my post. I’ll try support