Rack v1 unusable, return to 0.6 rcomian

Anyone with a LOT of performance issues with Rack v1?

I wonder why rcomian can do this fork that works amazing in comparison with original branch.

In my MBP, Rack v1 is unusable equal that 0.6 version. Glitch audio, fan cpu at top speed…

I saw this same topic in github…seems that a lot of users have the same problem with performance with some GPU. Rcomian has the solution, can you applied to the v1 branch?

Any other solutions?



Test these patch.

The v1 crash my MBP after 30 seconds and put the fans at top speed…seems that the MBP starts to melt…meanwhile Rcomian version works at 90%

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I just improve the performance changing the rateframe in settings.json

So, again, GPU performance problems, nothing related to audio or CPU.

So, the thing is…

I can play a lot of Steam games, edit video in 4k and even modeling in 3D, but my MBP can’t render with a normal performance this software


the multithreading in v1 is far better than my proof of concept hack.

Frame rate limits are definitely need on macs, no idea why.

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I set my frame rate to 15 in the settings file, performance is good and visuals are fine for my liking (MacBook Pro i5, integrated graphics).

Here’s the source, figure it out! :smile: https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack


Way back when I ran sysprof and friends on linux, I think something like 20-40% of the system load disappeared in to the aether and some of it could be found in pieces that sent off draw calls to the Intel driver. This is on a Cinnamon environment where the GPU is being used to composite windows and do some minor effects, but many applications are still CPU rendering as-needed.

Now keep in mind on macOS you are sharing that same intel driver not with one or two light loads, but all draw calls on every window are being routed through Quartz or similar. It makes most of the UI slick and pretty but there is a lot more contention for draw calls on the mac. (It’s the same user story as the filesystem; file handles on macOS are more expensive than Linux, but they’re also being heavily hooked to run Spotlight and Time Machine indexing.)

Tertiary, Apple doesn’t like OpenGL. They stopped maintaining it some time ago, and its officially deprecated these days. So you’re fighting other apps for the same chip and you’re doing it through an API thats driver is sabotaged/undermaintained.


well yes, that would explain it :stuck_out_tongue:

somebody sounds demob happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Best summary of Mac problems that I’ve read. Cheers!