Rack v1+ module like Animated Circuits Panimated which uses LFO to do stereo panning?


I think it was animated circuits or something that had some nice Casio CZ oscillators and a module called Panimated, but not sure they’re ported to the new VCV cause I can’t find them. Is there something similar ported?

Also the BPM LFO…

Thank you!

instead of telling us the name of your desidered module or the CODE name of the functionality, maybe a description of the action should be more appropriate if you are searching for an emule :wink:

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Ah, alright, sorry.

Auto pan and LFO

This module applies a panoramic effect to a mono input signal (audio or CV) by delivering 2 signals (left and right) which are the panning between left and right of the input signal. The pan position is changed, animated , by an internal LFO whose waveform, frequency and depth can be set. Frequency and depth are CV-modulatable.
The internal LFO has a dedicated output so the module can be use as a standalone LFO.
The available waveforms are : sine, triangle and edgy and smoothed variations of sawup, square and random.


This plugin is composed of a phase distortion dual oscillator module.

Inspired by the CZ synthesizers of the 80s, it produces waveforms which mimic the substractive effect of (resonant) filters applied to classic waveforms.

  • 2 independent oscillators

  • 2 waves per oscillator, from a selection of 8 waveforms (including 3 resonant waveforms)

  • Independent control of the phase distortion amount of each wave

  • Mix and Seperate outputs for each oscillator


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regarding Auto pan and LFO
there are MANY modules able to do what you are asking (of course I don’t remember the names)
many mixer too!

I can talk for nysthi modules:

nysthi::quadpanner can of course do stereo panning too of single source
is the Buchla 227e mixer emulation of single channel (included the LFO)

but being modular you can do any override you want !

the nysthi::4mix (and other)
have input that are stereo or mono, and bot can be “PAN animatable” using the PAN input, and increasing the VCA. the small display let you set the current offset if you want something all PAN left (for example) to be animated toward right


As Antonio suggested many modules and ways to do what Panimated does.

But you should also know that Animated Circuits is working on migrating his plugin to V1

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Thanks both of you!