Rack-v1 feature request, Keyboard layout

Well, I hope I post it in the right place.
So, here is my request, I would like the layout of the keyboard to be adapted to my language.
I use an Apple keyboard with wired keypad in French language (azerty) with my mac-mini, otherwise I use the keyboard (azerty) of a macbook pro.
it’s mostly to avoid looking all the time, for some shortcuts (undo / redo) and other that I did not have time to discover, perhaps in the use of the keyboard as MIDI keyboard of the type oct - / +. And certainly others
Thank you in advance, if this is not possible and in view of the diversity of keyboards in the world, I understand and try to force me a little, thank you very much
Ps: Would not it be simpler than Rack uses the keyboard of the OS.
If I’m not in the right place, do not hesitate to let me know.




also, for those reporting bugs in v1:


I have an azerty keyboard and it works just fine :slight_smile: Eveything is the same than in qwerty .

T’es français je suppose, quand tu utilises le clavier d’ordinateur en tant que clavier midi, meme en Azerty les notes seront les bonnes. (en tout cas chez moi)
Au pire je sais pas si y’a sur Mac, mais sur Windows tu peux toujours configurer une autre langue pour ton clavier, et le mettre en Qwerty :wink:
Voilà j’espere que ça t’aide, Bonne journée et bon patching :blush: