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(Alfonso Santimone) #194

Hi Andrew,
i have Segmentation Fault and Rack v1.dev.83ad852 quits after a little while (Win10 64bit)

(Andrew Belt) #195

I need a stack trace. Either use GDB or post the trace from log.txt.

(Alfonso Santimone) #196

Where log.txt is supposed to be?

(Alfonso Santimone) #197

I mean, i can find log.txt in my Rack 0.6.2 “Documents/Rack” dir.
But i can’t find it in my MSYS2 64 home dir where i’m building and testing Rack 1.


Thank you for your answer Adrew, it sound great!
The question about the “all midi input” is really convinient in Reaper and in my setup, CC72 has the same role on my yeboard, pedal borad and mixer… but I can live without it. What you annonce sounds just fine :slight_smile:

8 midi map per module sounds a bit limitating, as most controllers has at least 8 faders, 8 knobs, 8pads, 8 or 16 buttons… and many has more than one scene…

I would like to suggest that the screen could be a scolling list with 127 entries, or split in two screens: one for the midi settings, one for teh mapping. That would save a hudge lot of room, make operation easier and encourage people to map as many parameter as they can.

(Andrew Belt) #199

Depends on how you launched Rack. If you double-clicked Rack.exe in Windows Explorer, it’s in Documents/Rack. If you ran ./Rack -u <path>, it’s in <path>.

(Phil Golden) #200

Top notch work Andrew Midi Map works magnificently. Thank you!

(Clement Battung) #201

I also had seg fault

Recompile fundamental plugin ,issue will be resolved.


(Sander Stellare Modular) #202

@pyer you can add multiple midi map devices and set them to the same midi port and map as many as you want ! :wink:

(Browneditor) #203



I understood, but for instance, making a good use of an arturia keylab would take 11 midi map modules… or 1 with a scolling list of 127 entries

(Alfonso Santimone) #205

Cleaned all my MSYS2 Rack folder. Rebuilt both Rack and Fundamental (and Befaco to). Everything is fine! Thanks.

(Andrew Belt) #206

Yeah, 99% sure you just forgot to rebuild plugins. (make plugins in the Rack directory builds everything in plugins/*.)


In the current V1 text labels don’t draw in the “insert plugin” window. I tried adding a label to Template, and while it shows up in VCV, it does not show up in that “preview thumnail” window.

(Andrew Belt) #208

They should. Post code/screenshots


yeah, seems to be recent. I’ll post stuff soon as I can.

(Alfonso Santimone) #210

Thanks Andrew!,
as a side note in my latest build of 1.dev.52151a7 seems that CC generated by MIDI map give a more steppish reaction (mostly noticeable on VCO freq).
I wonder if an additional smooth factor can be added on a slot basis on MIDI-Map module.

(Andrew Belt) #211

dsp/simd.hpp has been added to the Rack API which wraps SSE registers and instructions. The dsp namespace will be made generic to handle arbitrary types such as

template <typename T = float>
T hann(T p) {

(Andrew Belt) #212

Widget::draw(NVGcontext *vg) has been changed to

Widget::draw(const DrawArgs &args)

to allow additional arguments to be added to draw() without breaking ABI.

Module::step() has been changed to

Module::process(const ProcessArgs &args)

to match the process() methods in the DSP library and to allow fast access to ctx.sampleRate and ctx.sampleTime.

The old methods are still available, but they are marked DEPRECATED and may be removed in a future Rack v2+ version.

(Christoph) #213

Is the Audio module being rewritten? It disappeared from the Module Browser.