Rack v1 compatibility questions

hello. I need to know if you are intending to keep all of the patches for VCV Rack v0.6.2c that you make fully compatible with VCV Rack v1.0? Also if you make a module preset is there a way to back up your module presets and will they be fully compatible with VCV 1.0 release? In addition will some of the free modules like Audible Instruments be pay modules in future versions 1.0 or 2.0? Thanks for your time.

You’d have to wait for any modules you used to get updated, but there aren’t mentions of major format changes in the dev blogs.

They are just JSON files; saved under ~/.Rack/presets by default, but you can save them anywhere from the “save preset” dialogue or copy the files themselves.

That’s up to individual plugins, but probably yes.

The patch format is backwards compatible (v1 will load v0.6 patches) but not forwards compatible (v0.6 will not load a patch saved with v1). The only problems you may have is if a plugin developer breaks compatibility with an update, but is rare.

Rack doesn’t overwrite your <Rack user dir>/patches folder, so there’s no need to back up. But of course you can copy that folder somewhere if you wish.

Same for patches. Presets are backwards compatible between v1 and v0.6. Only plugins that break backwards compatibility will be an issue.

I have no plans for converting any open-source plugins to a commercial license.