Rack v1 builds with improvements

Yes, but this is a special case. can’t hurt to contact him.

Nice find and fix! Wow!

I hope it’s not an issue with windows builds regarding realtime priority? :slight_smile:

It only changes the Mac code path.

Would it be possible to port features from the V2 branch, and would someone want to port over the MIDI-timestamp feature for precise MIDI-timing? Regarding how quiet VCV has become I begin to fear that V2 will not be around for a long time… I’m mostly happy with V1, but especially this feature could be quite nice, if it could deliver really precise MIDI-timing.

HA! awesome find and thanks for applying it!
It does indeed make a difference, my simple test was loading the large Dexter patch from @LarsBjerregaard (patch 6).

And starting to browse the web or use other applications, with the current version Rack this would result in crackles.
With this Rack fork that has the realtime option enabled for Mac, there is no crackling!
(Mac Mini M1)

@Vortico could you please add this to the current official 1.6.x build?

@heapdump have you seen this? might be interresting for your ARM test build?


Do you know if this is the same for Linux?

No, Linux and Windows - ok, only for macOS real-time is not implemented in official latest v1.

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Do I just replace the file in my Application folder with this build? (Backing up the replaced file of course!)

You can have both in the application folder (if you desire), just name it ‘Rack Extra’ or something.

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Even better, thanks @Eurikon.

This might be a game changer for my ancient 2010 Macbook.

Anyone remember what the line was to add to the settings file, for disabling application update notification?

There is no such setting, but here is fixed version Rack-1.1.6.extra.5b4b218-mac.zip


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It might be, but it might not be. If the problems on the macbook are caused by overheating, usually due to graphics, then this won’t help at all. But it’s worth a try!

I’m yet to try it out but hopefully it’ll let me use a few more modules than I usually can, which isn’t many. It’s very frustrating but i’m stuck with this machine for now.

oh, for sure it makes sense to try it. I didn’t mean to imply you should rush out and buy a new computer. :wink:

God, I would if I could. This thing is holding me back!

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Interesting. I asked because, at least for me, the realtime option on Linux is dangerously broken and has caused whole system lockups and data corruption of some vcv project files.

I hate spending money on computers. I usually get one every 10 years. last year was my lucky year.