Rack Pro shown running in background when closed

I think I saw a reference to this but can’t find it. Rack Pro has begun to run in the background after I close it. It then open in a freeze and I can’t do anything till I close it in Task Manager (Windows 11 Professional). Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix the issue? Thanks!

What you describe is consistent with a deadlock within Rack.

This is a situation for VCV support. If you can narrow down the specific conditions that make it happen, then that’s very helpful for support to find the underlying issue.

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Thanks. It seems pretty arbitrary but I’ll see whether there is a discernible pattern.

9/10 times it’s going to be some particular module making it happen. But would be great to narrow it down no matter what.

The only way I was able to consistantly avoid this issue is by running VCV Rack 2 Pro as an Administrator, it will then close completely on program exit and be able to start again.