Rack in Cubase

bonjour, I need some help to record the audio from Rack in Cubase after having set a track with the Bridge in Cubase . thanks.

this is maybe not the answer that you want, but I find it much more practical to record the audio in rack (with Nysthi’s recorder) and import it into cubase.

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yes, I had found that way, and I also can easily record the audio from Rack in Reaper via Bridge. But I want to use Rack as a VST instrument in Cubase. So, it would be great to record the audio in Cubase.

I couln’t get it to work, because one of those two vst’s would not show up in Cubase (forgot which one). So I gave up. cub9.5, btw.

You’ll have to wait for version 2 ov vcv and pay 99$ for a vst version, if I understood properly the announcement of Andrew. As standalone, it will remain free though.

With the risk of telling you things you already know: I haven’t tried using bridge with Cubase yet, but if it works similar to how it works with other DAW’s, after setting up the bridge in Cubase, you will also need to make sure that the Core Audio module is set to Bridge, instead of your audio interface. This allows for the audio to feed into Cubase via the Bridge.

Also, from what I remember from using Cubase, to record the audio, I think you need to set up a separate audio track, and then set the output of the Bridge to that track. Then use the record feature of Cubase to record the output of Rack to that audio channel. That is at least how I used to record audio from VSTs within Cubase.

That being said, Denis is right to observe that for an actual VST version of VCV Rack you would have to wait for VCV Rack v2.0, which comes approximately in late 2019. Bridge will no longer be supported in upcoming versions, because it is superseded by the commercial VST plugin.

Somewhat unrelated to your question: I personally very quickly abandoned using Bridge, as I got used to just doing everything in Rack. One interesting way of working with Rack alongside other plugins is to use VCV Host, which I have only started using recently, but which I absolutely love. I imagine another way would indeed be to record stuff using one of the recording plugins (Nysthi’s recorded is great), and then mix the recordings in Cubase as if you are running a proper studio. :wink: