Rack Free update 2.0.5 -> 2.0.6 fail?

I just attempted to do a prompted update in the Free version from .5 to .6, but in both attempts (with redownloaded 2.0.6 installers each time) the install would hang right after the beginning after selecting the install folder (should be the same one as usual). I’ll start the update…but it hangs at decompressing the help file and won’t do anything else. From what errors come back, it appears as if there’s corruption of the file compression itself.

Machine is an H-P Z420 with a Xeon E5-1650 v2, OS is Windows 10.0 build 19042

Strange! Can you post the errors?

Obvious stuff to rule out: is the 2.0.6 installer exactly 5,645,845 bytes? Is there free disk space on your C:\ drive (and the target drive, if that’s not C:\ )?

Is Windows Ransomware Protection turned on? Other anti-virus program getting in the way?


I think you should uninstall the old rack then install the new version, I m almost sure Andrew has mentioned this

Loads of space. That’s not the issue. When opening the 2.0.6-win update installer, I get an error that reads: “Error opening file for writing” and then the box shows the install path that, well, it doesn’t want to use. I’ll try the uninstall/reinstall method, though, and see if that straightens things out.

EDIT (several minutes later): Yep…removing the VCV folder and then installing from the 2.0.6 installer straightened that mess out. Bit of an odd error, though…Andrew might want to see if there’s something in the installer that’s acting “2.0.5-hostile”, as there might be a more sizable error when the 2.0.7 update comes down.

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