Rack crashes when I right click for module browser

I have a feeling a recent plugin release is what has hosed things up.

Windows 10 Rack 1.1.6 Core I7-10700 32GB RAM.

Here’s the log. I’ll log a problem on github for Rack, but this is almost certainly a module that is hosing up. I tried using c++filt to unmangle the point in the code where things got hosed, and for some reason it didn’t work.

log.txt (41.7 KB)

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Yes, this is the same issue. Delete Squinkylabs-Plug1 folder and optionally download a version from my github that works. Sorry about this.

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Super-awesoime to get this answer so quickly!

Too bad it had to happen at all, of course.

Closing this since there is already a thread about this issue