Rack as VST plugin - more than 16 out ports to the DAW possible?

When using Rack as VST plugin in Reason Studio I can only access 16 out ports to the DAW. Is there a way to use up to 64 out ports (Reason Studio provides 64 audio out ports).

I tried Stoermelder Audio-64, but I can’t choose other settings than
DAW (1-16 in, 1-16 out)

I believe the DAW channel is indeed limited to 16 in - 16 out. A workaround could be running multiple instances of the vst?

I think so.

reason was my first love, speaking about computer music.

reaper supports 64 channels per track :broccoli:

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Also in Reaper there are only 16 out ports. It looks like the limitation to 16 out ports is inside VCV.

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Yes it’s a limitation of the rack DAW driver.

Sad to hear that. If VCV Pro were open-source, I probably could eliminate this limit, but unfortunately it is not.