Rack 2 VST Plugin not compatible with Live


I installed Rack 2 Pro an hour ago, loaded the VST into Live and gave it a try, everything worked well. Suddenly this message box popped up: Unbenannt

Now I can’t use the VST in Live anymore. I re-installed Rack 2 Pro, I re-scanned my VST folders, but no luck, Live doesn’t like the Rack 2 VST anymore.

Is that a known Bug already? Is there anything I could do to make it run again?

Thanks in advance, Best, Thomas

Were you working in standalone inbetween? Delete autosave contents in Rack user folder and try again. If still no luck blank the template.vcv file, that should get VST to run again. In any case, check log.txt, pretty sure it doesn’t like the autosave contents it tries to load on start of VST


Thank you, that helped! I deleted everything related to VCV, re-installed and it worked again.

Live disables a plugin when it crashes badly…

The simplest way to fix it is to just move the plugin so it has a slightly different path. So make a new folder inside your VST folder and put the Rack VST and Rack VST FX plugins in there. Now when you restart Live the plugins will be enabled again. It’s not necessary to reinstall everything.

You may need to “force rescan”. To do this, hold down the ALT key while clicking “Rescan”. This will rescan every plugin in your library


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This is true but… if you have a lot of plugins this can take a long time as ALL plugins are then rescanned.

Moving the Rack VST and FX just makes those 2 get scanned again.

Oh, that’s why - thanks for the tip.

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