Rack 2 VST in Renoise - param names not updating

Testing the Rack VST pre-release in Renoise and as you can see on the image below, apart from the first (the Level on the Audio-2 module) every parameter is showing up as “Unassigned #X” in the selection menu for automation, however the units and names of values come through properly like “222Hz”, “Bipolar” etc.

Is this different with other DAWs or is it an issue with Renoise in particular? Is it something that is yet to be implemented?

Rack2 VST 2.git.2efb7ff
Renoise 3.3.2
Linux 5.14.10-arch1-1

In Live, you click on the configure button and then click on the parameter in Rack that you want to automate, that then correctly brings in the parameter name like “Frequency (VCV VCF)” - there is no long list of currently unassigned parameters as in your Renoise example.

I think it’s the act of assigning that pulls the name? How did you get Audio-2 level to show?

AFAIK there is no way to assign parameters like that in Renoise. The other VST synths I have used before (like Surge, Helm or Dexed) list all their parameters by name in this menu and you can choose what to automate from there.

The automation itself works with the Rack VST as well since some of the “Unassigned #x” fields point to existing parameters, but the names aren’t showing up.

The Level (VCV Audio-2) shows up because that is the only parameter the template patch has. I have now tried overwriting the template with more modules and the parameter names of those show up properly when I create a new Rack VST instance.

However when adding new modules to an existing instance (or saving/loading a patch within it) the names stay the same as they were from the start. It becomes the most confusing when I delete modules and add new ones, now the new parameters are called by old names, for example what still says Frequency (VCV VCF) is now controlling the Level of a newly added Mixer module.

It might be an issue with Renoise (like it only queries for parameter names once at the start), but I don’t know how VSTs work or if Rack can do anything to forcefully update names.

in Reaper I can see all parameters (in a list) of the loaded modules and
when I add another module Reaper shows its parameters too and
when I delete a module, Reaper deletes the parameters too.

So your issue might be a Renoise issue.

Good to know! Guess I should report the issue towards Renoise then.

Please report bugs for VCV Rack Studio Edition to VCV - Support, especially before it is released to the public.


I’m sorry, my bad.

In the end, it seems to be more of an issue with Renoise than Rack. I’ll summarize it for VCV support anyways but will try reporting on the Renoise forum as well after I found another VST that has dynamic parameter names to use as an example.

I tried deleting this topic but couldn’t. @rsmus7 could you do that for me?

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This topic might well be useful for other Renoise users.

I will close it now, but leave it.